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Henkel AG & Company, KGaA, is a German chemical and consumer goods company headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany. It is a multinational company active both in the consumer and industrial sector. Founded in 1876, the DAX 30 company is organized into three globally operating business units (Laundry & Home Care, Beauty Care, Adhesive Technologies) and is known for brands such as Loctite, Persil, Fa, Dial and Purex, amongst others. In the fiscal year 2017, Henkel reported sales of over 20 billion euros and an operating profit of 3.055 billion euros. More than 80 percent of its 53,700 employees work outside of Germany.

A mechanic working at the company mentioned, "Employees at Henkel are treated as if they are monkeys pushing buttons. They pay us ridiculously low. Although the benefits are adequate and the people on the floor are good people with a great amount of diversity. That's really all that's good. Management especially hr is totally unapproachable. Most of the time none of the 4 or 5 in that plant are even there. Good luck to those that work there. I wouldn't."


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Former Employee - Counsel says

"We are sorry to learn about your individual experience at Henkel. As we strive to create a workplace environment of mutual respect, encouragement and teamwork, we would welcome the opportunity to continue this exchange offline. - Best regards, Your Henkel Team"

Former Employee - Automatic Palletizer says

"Management has no idea what they're doing. Henkel bought out my old company, so you're lucky if you get a raise. They'll get rid of someone else's job and put their workload on yours, for the same amount of pay. Most people that seem to work there now, seem to try to get other coworkers in trouble. It's kinda like middle school lol. I don't miss it. Other than the fact there were a few people I became friends with, that I do miss."

Former Employee - Machine Operator says

"Poor management and not organized"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Germany makes all of the decisions for all regions. Which has proven to be a disaster for the North American market. Thus far their businesses in NA are consistently trending downward. The lack of communication there is the worst I've experienced in my career. There are several people that I have met that going to be leaving due to the poor work environment. Pay raises are well below the average. A 2% pay raise is the best a employee can achieve. A director explained to me that Henkel is an excellent company to work for if you keep your head down, shut up and collect your paycheck but Henkel isn't for someone who has ideas to bring about a positive change to make things better. STEER CLEAR OF THIS COMPANY!!!!"

Former Employee - Associate Brand Manager says

"*This is entirely in regard to the Stamford, CT location.* Everything. This was the worst corporate culture I've ever encountered. The turnover rate is astonishing. My VP was the most toxic worker I've ever met. Consistent negative feedback, criticism that 9-hour workdays aren't enough, physically ill coworkers from stress, endless hours, and plummeting yearly results. No alignment among teams, no set structure, weak brands, toxic management, complete dependence on global management."

Former Employee - Applications Engineer says

"Henkel is a German company. It is huge and may be other locations are great but not the madison heights MI. Initially I was very excited to see the career opportunities but it didn't lead me anywhere. Whoever is looking for visa and immigration related stuff, people please talk to the HR upfront before accepting job offer. Ask them to provide everything in writing. They ll say they will look into it and keep pushing and at the end gives you worst performance review. There are too many organizational changes too often, nobody knows who is working for who. Germany will make all the decisions. 70% are OLD PEOPLE with old school mentality and they don't encourage young people to explore and grow. Sales dept is the only driver who influences and make decisions. Engineers are lab technicians and they never hired more technicians. Super shorthanded. Hiring process is super slow. THE HR is WASTE, WORTHLESS. She sits in a different location and does NOTHINGGGGG...... Very disappointing.... Every project is rush and everything is urgent and at the last minute. Very crazy work environment with lack of planning."

Former Employee - Manager says

"We’re sad to hear you don't look back positively on your time with Henkel. However, we’re pleased that you at least enjoyed working with your colleagues. We greatly appreciate our talented and dedicated workforce; whose commitment and endeavor help make Henkel such an innovative and exciting place to work. It goes without saying that we value the outstanding commitment of each individual employee appreciate that they bring their talents to Henkel every day too. If you have specific points you would like to raise in this regard, we encourage you to reach out to your former contact in the HR department. Best regards, Your Henkel Team"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The list is endless and just because they are big doesn’t mean they are good! Look more at other places."


"Extreme level of micromanagement from headquarters Poor strategic vision Lack of trust in their teams Not a marketing organization"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Leadership team HR and middle management are all in some sort of clique and if you’re not one of their favorites they will try and have you out the door. Nepotism runs rapid, it’s not what you know it’s who you know Line managers ask for too much from burned out employees who are on their feet 12 hours a day 4 days a week mandatory OT . Always short staffed BECAUSE they will not hire more people. Hard working employees are not recognized. While the lazy favorites are getting promoted and taking credit for others hard work."

Promovendedora (Former Employee) says

"Levantan actas sin argumentos y corren personal sin comprobar sus argumentos los coordinadores de henkel en autoservicio de papelería y ferretería no son capacitados para el papel q ejercen y nunca hacen saber todo a la persona correcta fue injusto lo q me hicieronNoNo hay respeto ética y liderazgo"

Logistica Salamanca (Former Employee) says

"Recursos humanos no cuestiona las desiciones de los jefes ellos pueden hacer lo que les venga en gana con el personal he presenciado la salida de personal que ha mostrado un desempeño intachable en sus actividades y comportamiento laboral asi como su evaluacion en el puesto el cual es muy bueno pero aun asi si ya no eres del agrado del jefe simplemente de liquidan y recursos humanos ni siquiera se toma la molestia de cuestionar y analizar las causas simplemente te liquidan.No hay crecimiento interno ya que si le caes bien a la de recursos humanos y eres su recomendado o familar puedes entrar a trabajar facilmente o si estas recomendado por un jefe entras sin ningun problema. Las vacantes internas son dificiles que se las otorguen al personal interno no dan la oportunidadVales de despensa, gastos medicosRecursos humanos"

Mechanic (Current Employee) says

"Employees are treated as if they are monkeys pushing buttons. They pay us ridiculously low. Although the benefits are adequate and the people on the floor are good people with a great amount of diversity. That's really all that's good. Management especially hr is totally unapproachable. Most of the time none of the 4 or 5 in that plant are even there. Good luck to those that work there. I wouldnt.Good underappreciated people.Everything elseWe appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us, and we agree that diversity among our employees is very important at Henkel. We encourage you to speak with your HR Business Partner directly about your concerns around management as this type of employee feedback is critical as we work to continuously improve our organization. Best regards, Your Henkel HR Team"

carrellista magazziniere (Former Employee) says

"I ragazzi interinali vengono sfruttati,e quelli fissi non fanno niente, responsabili inadeguati."

Network Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The company is ripe with politics and personal favoritism that a person cannot properly function and accomplish any work. In fact, some dysfunctional managers are encouraged in their oppressive behavior. Felt no belonging, no support, in fact, was stabbed in the back. Would never recommend anyone work there.Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. At Henkel, we value our employees' feedback to continuously improve our company."

Coordinador de Operaciones (Former Employee) says

"No hay clima laboral,no existen procesos trabajan sin tener balance de vida,la empresa subcontratada sin dar un buen serviciono hay nadaGerencia con mal trato al personal"

Setup Associate (Former Employee) says

"This is not a place you want to work unless you have no other options. Management and HR are only there to stand up for company in anyway possible and doesn’t care about employees. With that said this is where all the managers go when everybody else figures out they are worthless.At Henkel, we know our employees are our most valuable assets, and we take these claims very seriously and have addressed them with HR at the site."

WAREHOUSE ASSOCIATE (Former Employee) says

"Just don't even try to apply here. It was awful working there. No one understood what was going on, the orders where behind, couldn't do anything right and there was no advancement in the company."

Maintenance Technician and Boiler room technician (Former Employee) says

"Find something you like doing get a job that you enjoy have fun in life spend time with your family and friends go back to school and get a education in a field you enjoy"

Pakowacz (Former Employee) says

"Tam żądza tylko pracownicy z henkla a my z firm to mamy jeszcze za nich robić"

B&P Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"Very poor place to work. Everyone sleeps with each other to get what they want and if you don’t they make your Job hard for you. Co-workers always late never no discipline. People drinking and smoking on the job and management does nothing. I will never ever ever work there again."

Liquidation Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The management is a joke. They expected you to jump when they wanted. You will get written up for it, without being asked.They had no idea how to manage or to run a ross mixer or the quality testing that goes with it. The cannon falls plant will be closed within a year. They are buying mixers without anyone being able to run them. We are sending out bad material. pupurchase anything that has material from the cannon falls plant within the last 6 months."

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"there are many lazy people there who dont care about the product quality. it is very fast paced. The mechanics spend most of there time in the breakroom watching sports and sitting outside smoking however there are a few good ones. There is no accountability. Machine operators get the short end of the stick. the only issue managment cares about is why was the machine down for longer than 2 minutes. most employees are rough around the edges and rude.training is verry verry poor. i was train by someone who had worked there for two mounths and didnt know much"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Management is clueless and promote a toxic environment. It's not what you do, but who you know. Cronyism is the rule here and management leap frogs over each other to kiss the rear of the tyrant who runs the place. The turnover is through the roof and everyone is miserable.We appreciate you providing feedback and apologize for your individual experience. At Henkel, we are committed to providing all employees with opportunities to develop and use this type of feedback to continuously improve our culture."

International Brand Manager (Former Employee) says

"Negative: - intolerance - micromanagement Positive: - international team"

Machine operator (Current Employee) says

"On night shift you basically don't have a real supervisor and the leads have a select group of people that they actually help if needed. Their training has gotten to the point where it's a joke and it's becoming a very unsafe environment because of the poor training. You can try to express concerns to leads and supervisors but you are quickly dismissed or lied toPay isn't badManagement and hostile environment"

Lab Technician (Current Employee) says

"the site manager plays favorites, lets his cousin work when he wants, has other employees do his work, the site manager got the job from a family member and doesn't know what he is doing, no training, short you on your check all the time, no pay raises,verbally abusive,over budget on the chemicals every month, but will text all the time about stupid things, like a dirty rag was found on the floor, he will run you into the ground, high turnover rate, nobody stays long, they are going to lose the contract at the Marysville Michigan, zf facilityfree work bootssite manager"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Please save yourself and run the other way. It is only a matter of time before Henkel realizes that working yourself to the bone is not a way to live."

Extrusion Operator (Former Employee) says

"While there as a contract employee I was sexually harassed. They knew the allegations were true being the other individual did not deny them whatsoever and their were witnesses. After an investigation I was let go. Interesting how the contract employee was let go but the full time sexual harasser was allowed to stay.You could play music at your work station during your shiftCut throat coworkers, h.r. wont listen, they cut you off everytime you try to speak and have no concern for employees personal safety"

Supply Planner (Current Employee) says

"Horrible management. Worst processes. No morale, verbally and emotionally abused by my vp. Learned nothing . Hostile environment . Sun products was great, than Henkel acquired the company and ruined it"

Phillip Jordan says

"As a student, I have bought Pritt sticks because they are supposed to be good quality. However, whilst editing my notes today, I attempted to use Pritt to stick in things, and I found that they were no better than the other low cost glue sticks we use at school. I ended up having to use tape to get the sheets to stick down properly. Not impressed."

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